Programs and Projects

Our four programs are Research, Restoration, Education, and Outreach. We are looking for members to volunteer as a program manager for each of these four programs. The program manager(s) will ensure their program supports the mission statement and that project managers are technically supported by CG.

We have several ongoing projects. Our first funded project in the Research program is the Humboldt Bay Reference System Working Group, at the top of the list. All other projects are unfunded volunteer Research Projects. Projects often contribute to multiple programs.

The Restoration Program is yet undeveloped. However, our Humboldt Bay Vertical Reference Working Group project has implications for restoration of tidal and intertidal habitat in northern California, from Cape Mendocino to the Smith River.

Our Education Program currently consists of a series of three scholarships. We would also like to develop other projects.

Our Outreach program consists of a public lecture series. The details about this are forthcoming. We will be seeking tax deductible contributions of sufficient funds to support an endowment to bring visiting lecturers to HSU to speak. CG will also be developing a program to support local members to be speakers at science meetings and workshops. The Humboldt Friends of Geology quarterly talks and semi-annual field trips will also be revived with the help of CG members.

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